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05/25/19 @ 2:30pm - Memorial Day Weekend Patriotic Signs!

05/25/19 @ 2:30pm - Memorial Day Weekend Patriotic Signs!

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It's time for another mini sign session - and America is our theme - just in time for Memorial Day!  You will choose from 4 different designs (as pictured).  The signs measure roughly 9x11 and we'll offer you twine to hang your sign.  You pick your colors too!  We put together some combos we think are great, but it's ultimately your call!  

If you are planning to come with a group, PLEASE consider making the reservations all together so that you know there is enough space.  There will be no refunds for this workshop, so please plan accordingly.  Thanks for your understanding!

Sign Choices: 
(1) Let Freedom Ring
(2) Home of the Free Because of the Brave
(3) She's a Good Girl (Tom Petty lyrics)
(4) God shed His Grace on thee