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Bloom Boxes

Get your December Bloom Box here!

What is a BLOOM BOX?
Bloom Box is our monthly project in a box program we made just for you!  Every month is a new one-of-a-kind project we won't be doing in the workshop.  Instead, you order online and come pick up your Bloom Box in our shop after the first of the month.  You'll have until the 20th of the previous month to order.  (For example, October Bloom Boxes can be ordered until September 20th and picked up any time after October 1st!)

All projects are hand-built and new every month.  We'll give you ALL of the supplies you need to complete your project at home.  We'll also provide links to instructional videos so you'll always have a project to be proud of.

So buy one, buy multiple!  With Bloom Boxes, you can host private workshops on your own at home and on your own time!  Every project is just $39 per person.