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05/07/20 @ 6:00pm: Introduction to Hand Lettering

05/07/20 @ 6:00pm: Introduction to Hand Lettering

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This class will teach you all about calligraphy and hand lettering for beginners. Class participants will receive their own work packet with lots of work pages, sample pages and helpful tips and tricks that they can take home. During the class, we will go over the basic strokes, how to connect those strokes to create beautiful looking words, and then will put our new skills to the test with valentine's cards and a home decor item of your choice.

This workshop will be led by Chelsea Hillberry. Chelsea owns The Sycamore Shop where she provides calligraphy, design, and multi surface products for weddings, special events and home design. She has been in the wedding industry for three years, and has been featured on @theperfectpalette and @blancdebridal.

Due to the nature of this workshop, no makeups or refunds can be offered.  Thanks for understanding!