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Paint Annie's Rainbow 2020 Challenge - Amsterdam Green

Posted by Adrienne on 1/16/2020 to blog
Paint Annie's Rainbow 2020 Challenge - Amsterdam Green

In an attempt to bring a lot of joy into my life this year I have decided to challenge myself to paint something every week in my home. Taking it even further I am going to bring ALL the color back into my life. I am going to paint something in every color from Annie Sloan’s® color pallet starting alphabetically with Amsterdam Green. I can already tell this is going to be a fun year! 

First up, this little piggy that needed new life and purpose!

I started out using a small Annie Sloan© round brush that I had dampened with water. I swirled my paint on my mix mat first so that I could blot off the excess paint before taking my brush to the cutting board. I swirled the paint applying pressure so my bristles really highlighted the high paints on my surface.


I did a quick once over and sealed it up with just Annie Sloan's® dark wax so I could get the richest results possible. Normally, especially on a piece of furniture, I would first use clear wax before applying dark wax so I could wax back if I added too much dark wax. For a shelf sitter like this cutting board, I wasn't worried about it.

You can see EVERY cut mark on this little guy, I was really excited when I saw the dark wax doing its thing! I just love how this guy turned out, I hope you will join me and add some color into your lives as well.

If you need paint, just stop by and see us :)