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Paint Annie's Rainbow 2020 Challenge - Antibes Green

Posted by Adrienne on 2/17/2020 to blog
Paint Annie's Rainbow 2020 Challenge - Antibes Green
In an attempt to bring a lot of joy into my life this year I have decided to challenge myself to paint something every week in my home. Taking it even further I am going to bring ALL the color back into my life. I am going to paint something in every color from Annie Sloan’s® color pallet starting alphabetically with Amsterdam Green. I can already tell this is going to be a fun year! 

The next color, Antibes Green, is a bright and cheery green that mixes a kelly green hue with a green sherbet type vibrancy. I decided to paint a large candle stick holder I use for a plant stand.


As you can see from this screen shot (my before pics are missing!), Antibes Green has a vibrant look. I wanted my Antibes to look industrial and dirty so I opted not to base wax with Annie Sloan's® Clear Wax and just dive right in with Annie's Black Wax. I am down my painting arm since having shoulder surgery at the end of 2019, as a result I am stuck with my haphazard left arm and the hit or miss wax job. I actually love how it turned out! (again I am so sorry for the screen shot)

I did not wax every square inch of this, I just hit the highs to make it look like dry brushing. The end result shows off a lot of texture and takes the brightness down a few levels. It really looks good on my antique rack next to my piggy!

Happy painting everyone!